FanIQ Audiences

Adventure Seekers

The Adventure Seeker's feed captures thrilling escapades worldwide, with daring exploration, adrenaline, and pushing limits through online landscapes and activities.

Party People

Party People share vibrant nightlife feeds engaging followers in the vibrant party scene with experiences, outfits and enthusiasm beyond typical partygoers.

Animal Lovers

The Animal Lover's feed celebrates the life of our furry friends with heartwarming pet photos and wildlife moments through the passionate love of all creatures.

Campus Explorers

The Campus Explorer shares their college experiences, documenting a vibrant feed of campus news, events and student life to engage their university.

Family Focused

The Family Focused audience consists of users interested in parenting, family activities, and child-related content. They love to make memories and post them on social.


Sneakerheads enjoy the latest releases of shoes, exclusive collaborations, and the culture of sneaker enthusiasts, since they are footwear specialists.

Frequent Travelers

Frequent Travelers specialize in exploration, embracing diverse cultures and seeking new experiences. They thrive on capturing enriching moments worldwide.

VIP Seekers

The VIP Seeker cherishes exclusive access, exceptional experiences for themselves, and loves to share glimpses of their luxe life online, from A-list events to celebrity-worthy perks.


Foodies are passionate food enthusiast known for an adventurous palate and culinary creativity. Their feed showcases mouthwatering dishes and culinary adventures.

Beauty Mavens

Beauty Mavens excel in cosmetics, skincare, and haircare, and fashion, inspiring followers to discover their best selves through valuable tips and style hacks,


Photographers capture the world with creative vision and technical expertise. Their portfolio explores diverse subjects showcasing the wonders of the visual realm.

Celeb Watchers

Celeb Watchers are a dedicated user that delves into celebrity news, providing followers an exclusive look into celeb updates, red carpet moments, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.