TikTok or Snapchat?

Why Not Both!

The evolution of vertical video content on social media has led to new ad platforms entering into the mix. Both TikTok and Snapchat have exploded in popularity, so we put together a breakdown of why you should be spending on both platforms.

Content Example

70% Of Users Under 35

55% Of Users Are Women

FanIQ Data

0.66% CTR

$30 Average CPA

Content Example

57% Of Users Under 35

56% Of Users Are Women

FanIQ Data

0.69% CTR

$26 Average CPA



Both TikTok and Snapchat play important parts in FanIQ campaigns. We have found Snapchat to have better targeting capabilities and to be more scalable for partners in sports, specifically with audiences in their late teens and mid 20s. While we have found explosive results for TikTok campaigns in large markets, we find results tend to vary in different parts of the country.


If you want to reach young fans, TikTok isn’t the best platform for it. As TikTok has grown to almost 200 million users, it looks a lot more like Instagram, which has a similar percentage of users (55%) under the age of 35. At FanIQ, we’ve seen lots of success on Snapchat, where there are a higher concentration of young fans looking for experiences.